Welcome to Moto Andalucia

Early in 2007, we began to organise a meeting in southern Spain aimed specifically at travellers. The location in which we live offers us the opportunity not only to meet travellers on their way to Morocco and Africa, but also experience close up the Rallies and Raids that pass by us, including (albeit now in the past) The Dakar Rally.

Andalucía has spectacular scenery with fantastic biking roads and off-road trails and coupled with the temperate climate and endless days of sunshine, it’s a perfect area for exploring.

For those who are travelling through on their way to Morocco, we are happy to take delivery of spare parts for you to collect on the way. Drop in and have a cup of coffee or a cold beer with us. We are not a business, we just like riding bikes.

The Gecko Run

The Gecko Run is a dual sport motorcycle orienteering event in the Axarquia region of Andalucía in southern Spain.  GPS’s will not be allowed at the event, so using only a map, roadbook, and your navigation skills, we’ll take you on a journey where you will discover hidden Andalucía.

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